• Marker Rending Module

    Module | Design Competencies | Marker Rendering

  • Portfolio Module

    Module | Professional Development | Portfolio - Identity Cards

  • Packaging Module

    Module | Professional Development | Packaging

  • Packaging Module

    Module | Professional Development | Packaging

  • Biomimicry Module

    Kennedy Educational Product – “Macronaut” – for Class Research

  • Biomimicry Module

    Biomimicry Module | Student Water Project

  • Student Bench Design - Jason Cusack

    Seating Module | Bench Project by Jason Cusack

  • Student Cello Case Design

    Design-Build Module | Cello Case by Jake Eck

  • History of Watches - Module

    History of Clocks Module | Prof. Bill Green

  • Teapot Design and Creation - Zack Filbert

    Independent Study in Ceramics with Sullivan | Teapot | Zack Filbert

  • Typography Module

    Module | Design Competencies | Typography

  • Industrial Design - Typography Module

    Typography Module | L. Burnette (left), C.Kitchen (center), L. Burnette (right)

  • Industrial Design - Typography Module

    Typography Module | O. Pipson (left), D. Meyers (center), T. Sasaki (right)

  • Industrial Design - Typography Module

    Typography Module | S. Shumaker (left), C. Pon (right)

  • Industrial Design - Typography Module

    Typography Module | Stinger (left), I. Zelov (right)

IDS 3204 |

Professional Development

Empty Bowls

Entertainment Storyboarding
Public Speaking
Writing for Design

IDS 3224 |

Design Competencies

Adobe InDesign
Applied CAD/CNC
Automotive Clay
Bottom of the Pyramid Design - India
Bottom of the Pyramid Design - Laos
Evaluation in HCI
Exhibit Design
Folio Binding
Integrating Biology and Design
Intro to HCI
Kiln Building
Marker Rendering
Non-Ceramic Casting
Packaging Design
Softgoods - Bag Design
Tablet Drawing
What's for Dinner?

IDS 3234 |

Design Theory

History of Clocks
History of Jewelry Design
Humanitarian Design
Introduction to China
Math & Beauty
Objects of Vertu
Product Semantics
Visual Trends


Think of it as an app. A module is to a course the way an app is to an application. This modular part of our curriculum refers to smaller and more flexible units of credit, similar in scale to workshops and used for topics in industrial design, such as software, specialized presentation techniques, focused small studios addressing packaging, or product typography, for example. We currently have three special topics courses as umbrellas that allow us to expand and specialize over time, as our faculty and program grow. In most cases, the modules are 5-week courses assigned 1 credit unit, but this could vary in both time and units, as necessary. Many of the topics we need to cover can be offered in far less time than an entire semester. This concept allows great flexibility for both students and faculty.

The three umbrella categories are: Topics in Professional Development which includes such subjects as portfolio development or service learning; Topics in Design Competencies refers to software, model making, tablet rendering, and other hands-on skills; and Topics in Design Theory allows us to provide focused, intellectually rigorous workshops in such things as product semantics and sustainability.

Click on the modules in bold (in the sidebar to the left) to find out more about them. We are in the process of creating webpages for each module.