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Akshay Sharma
Associate Professor


IDS 2015 | Industrial Design Laboratory II

IDS 2016 | Industrial Design Laboratory II

IDS 2065 | Design Visualization | Analog

IDS 2066 | Design Visualization | Digital

IDS 3224 | Module | Bottom of the Pyramid - India

IDS 3224 | Module | Adv Marker Rendering

IDS 3224 | Module | Adv Design Visualization

IDS 3224 | Module | Modeling in Rhinoceros

IDS 4974 | Independent Study

Snowboard Design and Construction

Financial Literacy

App Development | Vaccination


Akshay Sharma, an Associate Professor, is passionate about creating thin interfaces in analogue as well as digital media and about using design as a catalyst for the empowerment of women. Currently he is working on projects related to: micro financing with an NGO in India; the use of cell phones for creating a more efficient process in maintaining immunization records for developing countries; and developing a foot measurement system with jaipur foot. He is also working on a new methodology for easier learning of 3D modeling applications for design students. He divides his time between the United States and India. He is developing a graduate level online certificate course that will combine learning of sketching with 3D modeling and the history of industrial design. He obtained his BArch from the School of Planning and Architecture in New Delhi and his Master of Science in Design from Arizona State University. Professor Sharma is Chair of the IDSA Design for the Majority Professional Interest Section. He has been involved in doing research on Design for the Bottom of the Pyramid and leads the Industrial Design for Learning and Empowerment courses and study abroad initiatives at Virginia Tech. ID4Learning emcompasses projects focused on financial literacy, collective learning environments using affordable digital technologies, and language independent, scalable instruction systems for descriptive geometry.

research interests

Design Thinking

Design for Social Impact

Visualization (Analogue as Well as Digital)

An Interdisciplinary Approach to Problem Solving