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Anders Jensen
Associate Professor


IDS 2044 | Human Factors

IDS 3204 | Module | ID Manufacturing

IDS 4015 | IDS Lab Industrial Design Lab IV

IDS 4974 | Independent Study


Anders Jensen is an Associate Professor in the Industrial Design program. In 1991 he received his Industrial Design MA degree from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark. Before joining Virginia Tech in 2014, Anders Jensen worked 25 years in the profession of industrial design and related specializations. As an external Master Designer from 2009 -13 Anders mentored Samsung Electronics internal design staff in industrial design, research and strategies to make globally impacting products with a high focus on the user. He designed award winning products and has signed 14 Samsung global patents. In a close collaboration with the British designer David Lewis, Anders designed products for Bang & Olufsen in Denmark from 1991–2009. Maintaining his high focus on human factors/ergonomics and interdisciplinary collaboration he has also been involved in the design of dental, medical and furniture products.

research interests

Human Factors in Industrial Design

The thoughts “behind the things” we see