• industrial design open studio

    The Open Studio | Underground Burchard Hall

  • industrial design student collaboration

    Collaborative Space | Kiva Group-Think

  • industrial design collabortive space

    Collaborative Space | The Studio Kiva

  • Clay Slab Construction | Platter Project | 2nd Year Studio

  • Annual Hand Drawing Workshop | 2nd Year Studio

  • Interdisciplinary Special Study Course with Engineering | Conceptual Drawings

  • Foundation Design Laboratory | Color Studies

  • Foundation Design Laboratory | Color Studies

  • Senior Independent Project | Quinn Huffstetler 2011

  • 2nd Year Form Studio | Platter Review

Olivio Ferrari

Charles Burchard


Industrial Design has been part of the activity in the Architecture program since its inception almost 50 years ago with links to the Bauhaus and the Ulm School of Design.

Housed within the School of Architecture + Design, the program enjoys a rich educational community fostering collaborative scholarship across programs including the Bachelor of Architecture, Bachelor of Landscape Architecture, Bachelor of Interior Design, and the Master of Architecture. The program also has an intrinsic bridge to the Graphic Design Program within the School of Visual Arts. In addition, cross-college collaborations, particularly with Engineering Fundamentals, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering yield exciting and beneficial projects comprised of student teams.