• Collaborative thinking space

    Collaborative Space | The Studio Kiva

  • Silkscreening Course

    Design-Related Media Course | Silkscreening

  • Burchard Print Lab

    Output Lab | Burchard Hall

  • CAUS Metal Shop | CAD/CAM Machine & New Metal Cutter

  • CAUS Wood Shop | Lathe Tutorial

  • Industrial Design fabric lab

    Fab-Lab | Burchard Hall

  • Virginia Tech Cowgill library

    Art & Architecture Library | Reception Counter by Tim Castine


Cowgill Hall

Cowgill Hall is home to the main college administrative offices (202 Cowgill Hall) and provides 60,600 square feet of office and studio space. The Art & Architecture Library is located on the 1st floor of the building containing 53,500 volumes, 515 periodicals, and 45,750 slides. A number of computer-aided design (CAD) laboratories enable the college to give students experience with state-of-the-art CAD equipment and software. In addition, a number of terminals are linked to the university's extensive computer systems. Shop facilities, located adjacent to the building, provide woodworking and metalworking equipment; a ceramic workshop allows creative and analytical work with clay and plaster; a graphics workshop includes equipment for etching, embossing, and serigraphy. Cowgill Hall also houses five darkrooms and film, video, and other photographic facilities.

Burchard Hall

The 42,000 square foot Burchard Hall is the newest addition to the college's facilities. Located “underground” between Cowgill Hall and Burruss Hall, it is home to architecture and industrial design studios, offices, classrooms and various media workshops. The Virginia Tech Board of Visitors named the building in honor of the late Charles H. Burchard, founding dean of the college, during a ceremony held on Feb. 23, 1998. The hall was designed by the Norfolk firm, Shriver and Holland Associates who also served as architects for Cowgill Hall. The underground building with four pyramidal skylights, illuminating studio spaces below, preserves Cowgill plaza, a popular meeting place and campus thoroughfare. In addition to housing 200+ students, the building includes a Fabric Laboratory, a Plastics Shop (basic equipment including lathes, a vacuum former and an Objet Printer), a LaserCamm laser cutting room, a Silkscreen Studio, a 3D printer room, and an Output Room with multiple large format printers, scanners, and plotters.

CAUS Shops

The workshops, which are student shops staffed by experienced technicians, are located on the second floor of Burchard Hall housing an extensive wood shop, metal shop, small welding room, and one of two LaserCamm cutting machines. The long history of these developing facilities is one of the key distinguishing features of our industrial design program. We also have two other facilities off campus: the Research & Demonstration Facility (RDF) and the Environmental Systems Laboratory (ESL), which house either high bay working spaces, CAD/CAM machines, large welding equipment, and/or studio spaces for faculty working on specific projects.

Art & Architecture Library

The Art & Architecture Library is located on the 1st floor of Cowgill Hall and houses an extensive collection of resource materials for the College including state of the art technology available for student check-out, including iPads. It is a part of the larger University Libraries system. For more information about the library and hours, visit