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    The Open Studio | Underground Burchard Hall

  • industrial design student collaboration

    Collaborative Space | Kiva Group-Think

  • industrial design collabortive space

    Collaborative Space | The Studio Kiva

  • Clay Slab Construction | Platter Project | 2nd Year Studio

  • Annual Hand Drawing Workshop | 2nd Year Studio

  • Interdisciplinary Special Study Course with Engineering | Conceptual Drawings

  • Foundation Design Laboratory | Color Studies

  • Foundation Design Laboratory | Color Studies

  • Senior Independent Project | Quinn Huffstetler 2011

  • 2nd Year Form Studio | Platter Review

  • 3rd Year Studio Project | Kees Luyendijk 2011

  • 3rd Year Studio Project | Kees Luyendijk 2011

  • Senior Thesis "kid FORM" | James Connors

  • IDEA bronze award recipient 2012 | Peter Beegle

  • IDEA bronze award recipient 2012 | Peter Beegle

  • Silver Prize Winner UX 2013 Awards | Conor Brown, Michelle Murgia, Cole Smith

  • 2nd Year Wireless Universal Design Project | Chris Crowley, Kristina Danielyan, Ginny Jones, Mitchell Harris

  • Independent Study - Ax Design

    Independent Study of Ax Design with Dorsa | Jason Cusack

  • Independent Study - Ax Design

    Independent Study of Ax Design with Dorsa | Jason Cusack

  • Student Cello Case Design

    Design-Build Module | Cello Case by Jake Eck

  • Teapot Design and Creation - Zack Filbert

    Independent Study in Ceramics with Sullivan | Teapot | Zack Filbert

  • Portfolio Module - Student Work

    Portfolio Module | Excerpt: Field Craddock

  • Portfolio Module - Student Work

    Portfolio Module | Excerpt: Zack Filbert



October 2015


Rooy Parco Winner

Malith Waharaka, a senior in the Industrial Design program, was a winner in the Rooy/Parco Challenge to design a shoe for the fashion-casual Japanese millennial consumer. Rooy will prototype the shoe and Parco will display the shoe in its department stores.
“The Ko-JD Loafer is a minimalist and sustainable piece of footwear that targets the sustainable conscious consumer, one who appreciates quality materials, products and with a high sense of fashion.”
Read more at Parco and Rooy


October 2015


Const. Safety App

Mary Lee Carter, a senior in the Industrial Design program, led an interdisciplinary student research team which won 3rd place in the 2015 CIS Mobile App Competition, for their Construction Safety App. The team was comprised of students from IDS, ISE, CEE, and CS with Faculty Advisor Brian Kleiner, Director of the Myers-Lawson School of Construction.


May 2015


Eyewear Design Winner

Daniel Choi won the International Eyewear Design Contest, sponsored by OWP, a German eyewear manufacturer. Daniel received a 4-week internship in the OWP Design Department including travel, accommodations and board for his winning submission. Read more at OWP International Eyewear Contest Winners.


April 2015

Award |

Autodesk Fusion 360

ID student Cole Smith won the Cradle to Cradle Product Design Challenge, Autodesk Fusion 360 for the Finite Faucet, a concept for “a water-saving public restroom faucet installation.”
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April 2015


A'Design Award

Chelsey Pon, Nellie Talbot, Lane Stith and Peter Yoo won the 2015 A’Design Award, from Como, Italy, in the Differently Abled and Seniors’ Assistance Design Competition for the NuWave, an assistive hearing device and mobile app that reduces the stigma associated with hearing loss, using bone conduction glasses.
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Beginning 2011


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Mission Statement

Situated in a rigorous workshop environment with open studios and dedicated desk space, the Industrial Design Program at Virginia Tech endeavors to facilitate learning by doing and to catalyze a student’s independence – thinking for oneself. This intensive making culture, advocating experimentation and iteration, is part of a curricular foundation derived over 50 years, from our linkages to the legacy traditions of the Bauhaus, Black Mountain College and the Ulm School. The students’ experience culminates in a forward-thinking-global perspective, a capacity for both collaboration and teaching one another, and a sensibility toward ut prosim, the University’s pledge for service.


Graduating Senior Jonathan Kim was selected as this year's VTID Student Merit Award Winner. A page from the portfolio of work Jonathan submitted for this award. See more of Jonathan's portfolio here.